Plastic Slatwall Bins, Shelfbox 200, 8.75 x 5.5 x 3.37



Plastic Slatbox Storage Bins, Shelfbox 200 (8.75x5.5x3.37)

Shelfbox is easy to manage on most wall display systems, warehouse storage systems and even on shelves.

  • Molded slathook creates ease of fit into store fixture walls
  • Flat bottom ideal for countertops and shelving
  • Made from durable, fade-resistant virgin polypropylene
  • Ensures easy fit into existing store fixture walls can be easily cleaned and sterilized for use with food or in medical facilities
  • Compatible with slatwall, plankwall, storewall, megawall, flow wall, clipwall, proslat, unislat and more
  • Adaptable for use on gridmesh, gridwall, pegboard and slatgrid with selected patented adapters
  • Dividers (sold separately) can be added if needed to optimize the organization of storage
  • Label holder on front of bin

Work load: 47 lbs