Enhance Your Space with Capitol Hardware's Invisa-mount Flanges

Enhance Your Space with Capitol Hardware's Invisa-mount Flanges
Navigating the world of retail display and interior design requires an eye for detail—especially when it comes to presenting merchandise in both a functional and visually appealing manner. Capitol Hardware, LLC, shines in this arena, offering a sleek solution with its Invisa-mount Flanges.

These innovative flanges are more than just a new product; they symbolize Capitol Hardware's commitment to elevating retail and closet spaces. This post will explore the design, installation, and unique attributes of the Invisa-mount Flanges, highlighting their impact on the industry.

How They Function
Simplicity and efficiency are at the core of how the Invisa-mount Flanges work. Made for 1-1/4" diameter round tube hangrail, they're crafted to attach display units to walls or floors without unsightly screws or bolts, ensuring a sleek and tidy appearance that still offers the durability needed to showcase merchandise effectively.

Installation Guide
Installing the Invisa-mount Flanges is quite easy, mirroring Capitol Hardware's focus on user-friendly designs:

Capitol Hardware, LLC's Invisa-mount flanges.
1. Preparation: Start with a flush, level, and sturdy surface for installation.
2. Check length of hangrail: The hangrail should be 1” shorter than the distance between the walls.
3. Marking: Hold the threaded insert part of the flange against the surface at the location you want the hangrail and mark where to drill through the holes in the threaded insert.
4. Drilling: Drill at the marked spots. Use a 1/8” drill bit for the recommended #8 or #10 FHWS at least 1.5” long if installing on studs. If installing into drywall use #8 machine screws and drywall anchors. Drill bit size depends on type of anchors used.
5. Securing 1st Flange: Position the treaded insert over the holes and secure with screws. Thread the outer flange onto the threaded insert.
6. Locating the 2nd Flange: Insert the 1-1/4” hangrail into the mounted flange and use a tape measure and a level to find the location for the 2nd flange on the opposite wall.
7. Securing 2nd Flange: Repeat steps 2 and 3 above, then secure the threaded insert. Do not install outer flange at this time.
8. Attaching the Tube: Insert the 1-1/4" diameter round tube into the 1st flange, and slide the outer flange over the tube with threads on the outside. Line the tube up with the 2nd threaded insert and thread the outer flange onto the insert.

Standout Features
The Invisa-mount Flanges distinguish themselves through several features:
• Visual Appeal: Their ability to hide screw heads offers a refined look that enhances any space.
• Versatility: These flanges are suitable for a range of uses, from retail displays to home décor, supporting diverse design needs.
• Installation Ease: The straightforward installation ensures anyone can achieve a professional finish.
• Durability: Constructed from premium materials, the Invisa-mount Flanges are designed to be strong and to last, reliably supporting even the heaviest of hanging clothing.

Thanks to innovative engineering, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep understanding of both retailer and consumer needs, Capitol Hardware is redefining the possibilities in retail fixtures. Whether outfitting a luxury boutique, a cozy home closet, or a bustling department store, the Invisa-mount Flanges provide a solution that's as functional as it is elegant, exemplifying the best in design that seamlessly marries form with function.

Q1: What are Invisa-mount Flanges? A1: Invisa-mount Flanges are cutting-edge rod flanges from Capitol Hardware, LLC, tailored for 1-1/4" diameter round tubes. They offer a clean, screwless appearance for both retail and home displays.

Q2: How do I install Invisa-mount Flanges? A2: Simple installation - see the installation guide above.

Q3: Are Invisa-mount Flanges suitable for non-retail environments? A3: Yes, their adaptable design makes them perfect for various settings, including home closets or anywhere a hangrod is desired, offering a stylish solution for any space.

Q4: What sets Invisa-mount Flanges apart? A4: Their screwless design, ease of installation, lasting durability, and aesthetic appeal make them unique, ensuring a seamless look without sacrificing functionality.

Q5: Where can I find Invisa-mount Flanges? A5: Invisa-mount Flanges are available directly from Capitol Hardware, LLC, on their website, which features a wide selection of fixtures and fittings for different applications.

For more details on Capitol Hardware's Invisa-mount Flanges or to make a purchase, visit their official website at capitolhardwarellc.com.

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