Double Slotted Wall Standard, A-Line, 13 ga Heavy Weight (.092 Thk), Satin Zinc 48"


SKU: 1903-00403

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Double Slotted Wall Standard, A-Line, 13 gauge steel, 48" long, Satin Zinc Finish

  • Two rows of 1/2" slots on 1" centers.
  • Countersunk mounting screw holes are 9" apart.
  • Advantage of double slotted standards is when installed 24" on center or 48" on center, the the slots are off center allowing you to use a 24" long or a 48" long shelf, without the fear of shelf falling off bracket. 
  • Also with double slotted standards you can either stagger shelving or have shelves run on a single level.
  • Satin Zinc finish.