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Bracket for Shelf or Hr Adapter for B-Line, 14", Friction Fit, Chrome

Bracket for Shelf or Hr Adapter for B-Line, 14", Friction Fit, Chrome

SKU: 2302-11449

Revolutionize Your Shelving with the B-Line Heavy-Duty Bracket Elevate your storage and display solutions with our 14" Bracket for Shelf or HR Adapter for B-Line, a quintessential choice for slotted wall standards. This heavy-duty blade bracket, with its friction fit and chrome finish, is specifically designed for use with B-Line heavy-duty (1/8") slotted standards featuring ½" slots on 1" centers.



  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Designed to hold up under significant weight, ideal for demanding applications.
  • Size: 14" length, providing ample support for a variety of items.
  • Friction Fit: Enables easy installation and secure fitting without the need for extra tools.
  • Compatibility: Tailor-made for B-Line heavy-duty slotted wall standards with ½" slots on 1" centers.
  • Material: High-quality chrome finish for lasting durability and a sleek look.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for retail, workshops, storage rooms, or any space that requires robust shelving.
  • Aesthetic Design: Enhances the appearance of any space with its modern and elegant look.

    Robust and Versatile Constructed for heavy-duty use, this 14" bracket is the epitome of strength and durability. It's expertly designed to fit seamlessly with B-Line slotted wall standards, ensuring a secure and stable foundation for your shelving needs.

    Sleek Design and Easy Installation Boasting a chrome finish, this bracket offers not only resilience against wear and tear but also adds an aesthetic charm to any display setup. The friction fit design facilitates easy installation and adjustment, making it an efficient choice for various environments.

      (SKU: 02302-11449)